Deciphering Flirting: Signs They Like You or Just Being Friendly
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Deciphering Flirting: Signs They Like You or Just Being Friendly


Unravel the mystery of deciphering whether someone is genuinely interested in you or simply being friendly. Explore the subtle signs that indicate genuine interest to avoid confusion.

Decoding Behavior Changes

When someone's behavior shifts around you, it could be a sign of romantic interest. Behavioral scientist Clarissa Silva suggests that a crush can trigger anxiety, leading to altered behavior to impress the other person.

Whether they become unusually loud or unusually quiet, these changes may indicate their self-consciousness and interest in you.

Behavioral Changes Around You

Behavioral Changes Around You

Signs of Affection

If someone goes out of their way to provide you with assistance or cancels plans to spend time with you, it shows they prioritize you and care deeply. These actions may signify underlying romantic feelings.

Prioritizing Time Together

Prioritizing Time Together

Building Emotional Connections

Initiating communication, finding mutual interests, and displaying jealousy when you're with others are all signs of emotional investment. These actions suggest a desire to deepen the relationship.

Initiating Communication

Initiating Communication

    • Debbie Castro
    • 06-08 22:49:48

    I've experienced some of these behaviors firsthand. It's fascinating to see them explained in this context.

    • Kristen Fletcher
    • 06-06 19:31:57

    The illustrations really helped me understand the non-verbal cues better. Great insights!

    • Samantha Owens
    • 06-06 19:19:25

    I never realized how subtle these signs could be! Thanks for shedding light on this topic.

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