Homemade Pasta: A Fun and Easy Recipe by Jamie & Buddy Oliver
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Homemade Pasta: A Fun and Easy Recipe by Jamie & Buddy Oliver


Learn how to make pasta from scratch with Jamie and Buddy Oliver. Discover the joy of cooking with just flour and eggs, creating silky and gorgeous pasta shapes. Follow along as they demonstrate the simple process of kneading and shaping pasta dough.

Creating Homemade Pasta

Making pasta from scratch is a delightful experience that anyone can enjoy. With just flour and eggs, you can create a variety of pasta shapes.

The key to successful pasta making is in kneading the dough to achieve a non-sticky, pliable texture. Use a fork to prevent stickiness and involve a little helper for kneading.

From the pasta sheets, you can cut lasagna sheets, roll up cannelloni, or shape tagliolini and tagliatelle for different pasta dishes.

Kneading the Pasta Dough

Kneading the Pasta Dough

Shaping Tagliolini Pasta

Shaping Tagliolini Pasta

Exploring Pasta Shapes

Experiment with different pasta shapes like fafali and cannelloni. Use a cutter to create uniform shapes for a visually appealing presentation.

Each pasta shape holds sauce differently, enhancing the overall dining experience.

Creating Fafali Pasta Shapes

Creating Fafali Pasta Shapes

    • Penny Mendoza
    • 06-18 12:31:28

    I love how easy and fun this pasta recipe is! Can't wait to try making different shapes at home.

    • Connie Burns
    • 06-14 11:23:01

    The step-by-step guide makes it so simple to create homemade pasta. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Beth Powell
    • 06-14 10:21:18

    Such a great way to involve kids in the kitchen. They'll love shaping the pasta dough into various forms.

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