Navigating Money Woes in the Philippines: A Traveler's Tale
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Navigating Money Woes in the Philippines: A Traveler's Tale


Embark on a journey through the challenges of withdrawing money in the Philippines, as shared in my travel vlog. Discover the trials and triumphs of managing finances while exploring the beauty of Southeast Asia.

Money Woes in Paradise

Embarking on our 90-day Southeast Asia trip, we encountered a major setback in Puerto Princesa, Philippines - the struggle of withdrawing money.

Limited to withdrawing only ten thousand pesos a day, equivalent to 150 pounds or two hundred dollars, we faced unexpected hurdles in managing our finances.

Despite the challenges, we found a solution at BPI bank, a saving grace amidst the chaos of financial restrictions.

Challenges of Money Withdrawal in the Philippines

Challenges of Money Withdrawal in the Philippines

Finding Solutions at BPI Bank

Finding Solutions at BPI Bank

Navigating Financial Roadblocks

Our attempts to withdraw money led to declined transactions and hours spent resolving issues, highlighting the importance of financial preparedness while traveling.

With the help of local establishments like Drew Hotel Century, we overcame the obstacles and restored financial stability for our journey ahead.

Overcoming Financial Roadblocks

Overcoming Financial Roadblocks

    • Marilyn Powell
    • 06-17 14:02:52

    Practical tips for navigating financial challenges during travel - invaluable advice for budget-conscious adventurers.

    • Jeanette Hamilton
    • 06-16 13:45:33

    The struggles of money withdrawal in foreign countries are real - thanks for shedding light on this issue.

    • Leona Webb
    • 06-14 16:17:37

    Great insights on managing finances while traveling - a must-read for any globetrotter!

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