Bus Ride from Chiang Mai to Bangkok: A Travel Adventure
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Bus Ride from Chiang Mai to Bangkok: A Travel Adventure


Embark on a thrilling 11-hour bus journey from Chiang Mai to Bangkok with me. Discover the ups and downs of this scenic route and the unexpected twists along the way.

The Journey Begins

As we bid farewell to our resort, the anticipation of a bus ride back to Bangkok looms. Will it be as relaxing as we hope?

The scenic views of Shanghai from the bus offer a glimpse into the outskirts of this vibrant city.

Scenic View of Shanghai from the Bus

Scenic View of Shanghai from the Bus

On the Road

Midway through the journey, a stopover provides a surprising dinner spread. The bus ride includes unexpected perks like meals along the way.

Dinner Spread During Bus Stopover

Dinner Spread During Bus Stopover

Arrival in Bangkok

Upon reaching Bangkok, a taxi scam attempt adds a twist to our arrival. Navigating the bustling bus station becomes a challenge.

Navigating Bangkok Bus Station

Navigating Bangkok Bus Station

    • Caroline Meyer
    • 05-07 20:27:13

    I appreciate the insights on budget travel tips. Definitely considering a bus ride on my next trip.

    • Tracey Jensen
    • 05-07 19:13:06

    Wow, what an adventure! I never knew bus rides could be so eventful. Thanks for sharing!

    • Rita Rivera
    • 05-07 10:04:54

    The details about the taxi scam are eye-opening. It's essential to stay vigilant while traveling.

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