Exploring Manila South Cemetery: A Travel Vlog Adventure
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Exploring Manila South Cemetery: A Travel Vlog Adventure


Join me on a journey to the South Cemetery in Manila as we attempt to navigate through this massive graveyard. Experience the sights and sounds of this unique location with me!

Exploring the South Cemetery

Embark on a virtual tour with me as we try to find our way into the South Cemetery in Manila. Discover the beauty and mystery of this historic site.

Despite our efforts, we couldn't locate an entrance, but we encountered fascinating sights along the way. Join me as we explore the surroundings and soak in the atmosphere.

From encountering playful children to admiring unique art installations, our journey through Manila's South Cemetery was filled with unexpected moments and cultural insights.

Children playing football near the cemetery

Children playing football near the cemetery

Giant Jesus statue in Manila

Giant Jesus statue in Manila

Art and Messages at the Cemetery

Explore the thought-provoking art installations and messages scattered throughout the cemetery. From calls for environmental action to messages of hope, each piece tells a unique story.

Reflect on the powerful messages displayed on the walls, urging visitors to consider important global issues and take action for a better world.

Art installation advocating for environmental action

Art installation advocating for environmental action

Message promoting social responsibility

Message promoting social responsibility

    • Charlene Porter
    • 06-09 12:52:54

    This post perfectly captures the essence of exploring off-the-beaten-path locations. Can't wait for the next adventure!

    • Debra Ortiz
    • 06-09 12:11:16

    I'm inspired to visit Manila after watching this vlog. The cultural experiences seem truly enriching.

    • Sophie Lopez
    • 06-08 12:44:58

    What an intriguing adventure! I never knew Manila had such unique sites to explore.

    • Irma Craig
    • 06-07 16:39:54

    The art installations at the cemetery were truly thought-provoking. It's amazing how art can convey powerful messages.

    • Marion Dunn
    • 06-05 18:23:31

    The mix of adventure and cultural insights in this vlog is captivating. Keep up the great work!

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